Sunlight Li.ON FORCE motive power range incorporates Sunlight’s vast know-how and long experience in the design & production of Lithium-Ion batteries for advanced applications into a robust product destined for a broad spectrum of industries, including Material Handling and Logistic.

SUNLIGHT BCI cells and batteries, combines the efficiency of tubular technology, widely used in Europe, with BCI cell dimensions, ensuring full compatibility and flexibility for all battery applications.

SUNLIGHT HydroSave Series, is a low maintenance series with up to 13 weeks intervals between watering.

SUNLIGHT MotionGel Series is a maintenance-free, tubular plate, valve-regulated gas recombination GEL cell.

The Xtreme Force Product range, based on CSM (Copper Stretch Metal) technology, is able to operate under extreme temperatures and can offer longer operating time through its higher energy content as well as faster charing through its reduced internal resistance.




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